Just bought my 3rd Civic

Discussion in '10thCivic Introduction & Pictures' started by fishingupnorth, Oct 10, 2017.

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    Oct 10, 2017
    Yesterday was a day off for me from work so when my wife said she had seen a nice looking Civic while out walking the other day we decided to take a drive to our favorite dealer. I had traded in my 2006 Civic EX here for a 2014 Civic EX. I loved the 2006 when I had it. Put 230,000 miles on it with not a penny in repairs other than normal maintenance. The 2014 was nice as well but I found the CVT made the car seem underpowered.

    We got to the dealer and my wife pointed out the car she saw. It was the new Civic Hatchback. Took one out for a test drive and I could not believe the difference the turbo makes in the performance. It is fun to drive even with the CVT.

    Sat down with the salesman and told him the features I wanted and determined I would need the EX model. They found 1 in the state and said they would see if they could trade for it otherwise I would have to order a 2018 which would delay the process quite a bit.

    Well they were able to secure the 2017 EX in Rallye Red and I am looking forward to picking it up on Thursday.

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